With words, images, music, and movement, I tell stories.  For over twenty-five years I have had the privilege of engaging people of all ages to listen, participate and be transported in time and place.

As a writer, children’s librarian, educator and storyteller, I know that stories have the power to unite.  Whether they are our own or originate from different cultures, stories reveal our unique qualities and commonalities.

Storytelling resonates for varying reasons.  From classrooms to business meetings, I have been helping people creatively communicate with each other.  Tales of wisdom and humor speak loudly to many, but serious subjects may also elicit joy and reflection.  Because audiences’ needs differ, I create specific programs upon request.

“A Story, a story; let it come, let it go.” (African Chant, from A Story, A Story)

Welcome!  Have a seat, listen and join in.





Some of my puppets on display at the Wellesley Free Library, Wellesley, MA


Scout, my dog and muse, with Bear the Puppet.